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Artifacts and Elements

Artifacts and Elements


When you unlock Tavern at level 15, you will start earning beer. Beer drops from the enemies every 28.8 seconds which result in 3000 beer a day. When you have collected 1500 beer, you can convert it into 5 Game Tokens and you can use them to play a game of cards. 6 cards will be presented in front of you and you can select 1 of them. It doesn't really matter which one you select, but it gives the player the sensation there is something behind every card and that you might get lucky when you choose the right card. Anyway, when you have selected a card, there are various rewards you can get. The amount of items you get depends on character level, rank and/or luck level. You can see the amount of items you can get when clicking the "Info"-button at the upper left corner at the Luck Level UI.

There are 3 main parts inside this feature of the game. Elements and artifacts, Sacred Cards and Luck Level.

Artifacts and Elements

When you have collected all the elements, you will receive an artifact. There is about a 1.2% chance of obtaining an element and 0.05% chance to get an artifact directly. This means it takes approximately 40 days to receive an artifact through elements.

Artifacts greatly improve your game. They have 6 various improvements.

1.Raining Gold, Firestone Effect (multiplicative) or All Attributes

2.Basic attributes such as damage, health or armor.

3.Group of heroes based on what resource (rage, energy, mana) they use

4.Generation rate of the same resource.

5.Certain specialization (tank, damage, healer)

6.Guardian damage, leadership, team bonus or hero-damage.

Sacred Cards

Most of the cards you select will reward you with sacred cards. The amount of sacred cards you will get depends on your luck level. Your luck level will slightly increase the amount of sacred cards you will get.

There are sacred cards for every hero, every guardian and pretty much every attribute in the game. You first have to collect the cards, they will start out as level 1. At level 1 you get a bonus already, and all the bonuses, including that of Firestone Effect, is multiplicative. When the bar fills up, the card levels up, and the bonus increases multiplicatively. So if level 1 gives +30% (x1.3), the next level gives +69% (1.3x1.3 => x1.69).

In total there are 20 or 25 levels. First 5 levels, the stars increases in number. The 6th level, the star will go back to 1 but increase in rarity. Up to level 10, 5 stars again. It keeps going like that.

Luck Levels

Every card that you choose gives you a reward, and based on the reward and the amount, you will earn luck. Something like Meteorites, Exotic Coins or Emblems give a very low amount of luck, usually less than 100. But things like Honor or Scrolls, you can earn many hundreds, even thousands of luck.

When you earn enough luck, you will level up. When you level up, you gain some bonuses. Faster Meteorites and more Sacred Cards is what you always get when you level up. As for All Attributes and Raining Gold, they increase in turn. First Attributes, then Gold, then Attributes again. As you level up, it's possible that other rewards, such as chests, scrolls, and currencies will increase in number too. But as those rewards are based off character level or rank too, it's possible you don't see a change when your luck level increases. At Luck Level 2 you will also be able to get Prestige Tokens. With this you can do a 2X prestige for free.