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Character Level & Talents

Character Level & Talents

You will earn experience when you earn firestones (means gold too). Every time the total earned firestones goes up by 10x, you have earned about 3000 EXP. Your character level will unlock certain features in this game. Exotic Merchant at level 30. Emblems and 3rd tab inside Exotic Merchant at level 65. Monster Missions at level 70. Alchemist, Dragon Missions and Dragon Blood at level 120. Transmuting at level 130. Naval Missions at level 140.

Every time you level up you gain 1 talent point. With it you can level up some basic and special things. Attributes are pretty basic, as you can increase attributes many different ways. This is why you should not increase attributes with talent points. Your focus should be: Mysterious Rock, Trainer Skills, Expeditioner, Libritarian. After that it’s up to you really, they all do so little after that.