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Equipment / Gear

You get equipment out of chests, most of which you get from doing map missions. You either get a new equipment, an upgrade or you get a duplicate. Whenever you get a duplicate, you receive void crystals which you can use on enchanting. The amount of void crystals you get is determined by the tier and rarity of the equipment.

There are multiple tiers of equipment. It is very important that you unlock tier 2 and tier 3 equipment as soon as possible. They are much more powerful than tier 1 equipment. As tier 2 and tier 3 equipment provide attribute bonuses to ALL heroes, even when you don’t use the hero in your party.

List of items:

1.Weapon - Increase attack on hero

2.Chestplate - Increase health on hero

3.Boots - Increase armor on hero

4.Wrist - Increase attack on ALL heroes

5.Shoulder - Increase health on ALL heroes

6.Belt - Increase armor on ALL heroes

7.Ring - Increase gold bonus

8.Relic - Increase ALL attributes on ALL heroes

There are also various rarities. Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythic. In most games, we often wait till we get a good quality equipment before we enchant it. But in this game it doesn’t matter because we don’t enchant the equipment, but we enchant the slot. Meaning if we get a common equipment, we enchant it twice, then we get the same equipment but rare, it will be level 2 still.

The rarity of the equipment will do 2 things. Every rarity gives the equipment 3 times as much bonus. Also it allows you to enchant it 2 levels higher. A common equipment can only be enchanted 2 times. Uncommon 4 times. Etc.

Every level of enchantment provides the equipment with 2 times as much bonus and the cost goes up by 100% for the next level, only 50% after level 8. It's better to level up equipment equally. Level up 1 tier 2+ equipment, 2 times, you pay 60 + 120 void crystals. You get 4x bonus. If you level up 2 tier 2+ equipment, 1 time, you pay 60 + 60 void crystals for the same 4x bonus.

It is advised to have your rings 1-3 levels higher than your relics and wrists. And keep tier 1 equipment 2-4 levels lower than your relics.

Also every equipment has a power rating, and you have a total power rating. But this means absolutely nothing. You can have a level 12 Mythic weapon on 1 hero. This will give something like 96.000.000 power, but all you did is make 1 hero strong. He has gained 2^12 = x4096 attack from enchantments and since it’s 2 rarities higher than epic, that means 3^2 = x9. So 9 x 4096 = 36,864x attack on this hero alone. But you could also enchant 4 epic wrists to level 4. You will get 2^16 = 65,536x attack on ALL heroes. The power of these 4 wrists? Only 260.000‬.