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1.Unlock tier 2 and tier 3 equipment as soon as possible. They benefit all heroes, making them much better than tier 1 equipment. Also you gain effect from tier 2 and tier 3 equipment even when you don’t have that hero in your party. It’s a permanent and best investment for your void crystals.

2.Enchant rings 1-3 levels higher than wrists and relics. Enchant wrists and relics 2-4 levels higher than tier 1 equipment.

3.Level tier 2 and tier 3 equipment equally over many heroes. So make all rings level 3, then continue making them all level 4. Same for wrists and relics.

4.You don’t actually enchant the equipment itself, you enchant the slot. Meaning when you get a higher rarity later on in the game, the enchantment level will carry over to the upgraded equipment.