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Firestone Version 6.0.0

What’s New:

New battle system (side scrolling) has been added in the game. You can disable the side scrolling on settings.

Waves of a stage have been reduced to 5.

Heroes and enemies will spawn tombstones upon death.

6 New avatars have been added in the Basic category.

New Splash Screen.

The battle backgrounds have all been redesigned to fit the new battle system.

Expanded the research trees on Library, Exotic Merchant, Alchemist and in the Personal Tree of Life.


Firestone researches no longer require Fire Tokens and the Eternal Magic mechanism has been removed.

Character menu has been redesigned.

War banner has been renamed to Drums of War.

Inventory items have been redesigned.

Early game tutorial and dialogues have been redesigned.

The language selection popup has been redesigned.

The mechanism of the world map has been reworked for optimization. Your active missions have been reset for this reason.

Many UI elements have been reworked. (settings, upgrades, chat and many more)

The progress bars in the game have been redesigned as well.

On the new battle system the hero positioning order is automatic based on the specialization and class.

Keeping pressed the mouse button in battle will force your guardian to keep attacking.


Fixed several other minor bugs.