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Every hero has their own equipment and abilities. Base attributes varies a little bit between every hero but they are neglectable. If you notice a big difference between heroes, it’s most likely because they have better tier 1 equipment, or leader is boosted more than the team or the other way around. Also there are upgrades and researches that boosts certain heroes but not others.

There are 3 hero “specializations” in this game. Damage, Tank and Healer. They sort of tell what kind of hero it is, and what their abilities are. Healer has an added bonus, they heal and do damage.

Rage Heroes

Heroes using rage as resource will generate rage by attacking and being attacked. A hero with Tank specialization will receive more rage when being attacked. A hero with Damage specialization will receive more rage when attacking. The total rage pool is small and rage will slowly diminish over time.

Energy Heroes

Heroes using energy as resource will generate a lot of energy per second. They have a small energy pool. Energy Heroes work with a combo point system where you add a combo point with their first ability. Their second and third abilities effect increases the more combo points you have.

Mana Heroes

Heroes using mana as resource will generate mana at a slow rate. They have a large mana pool. It takes up to a few minutes to fill the pool.

There are 3 hero attack styles. Melee, Ranged and Spellcaster. They don’t mean much at all, but there are researches and upgrades that only boost either melee heroes, ranged heroes or spellcaster heroes.

Most favorable hero leaders are Solaine (the 3rd hero) and Blaze (the 7th hero).

Solaine’s first ability deals 2000% damage. Great for melting through 3-star bosses. Second ability freezes the target, increases the damage of all sources by 80%. Third ability shoots 30 ice bolts to random enemies on the field, each dealing 250% damage. Great for killing waves quickly.

Blaze’s first ability deals 3000% damage. Second ability increases critical chance and damage, which isn’t that great. But the third ability, it deals 100% damage to ALL enemies instantly on the field, every second for 5 seconds. With this you can kill 5-6 waves in 5-6 seconds.