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Hints for Beginner

Hints for Beginner

  1. Don’t bother with HP or armor in this game unless you need to progress further in trees or unlock tier 2 and tier 3 equipment.

2.Ignore seals unless they are for a weapon of a hero that you’re using, or they are for wrists, relics or rings.

3.Raining gold, raining gold and… uhm… more raining gold! It’s all about the gold!

4.Farm at a stage where most of your heroes can kill enemies with a single blow!

5.Save gems till you are level 65. That’s when you unlock Emblems. Buy Emblems in the store, which you can spend in Exotic Merchant to get Epic Chests. After that save up gems for level 120, that’s when you unlock Dragon Blood and you can buy them in the store.

6.Save inventory items and scrolls until you are level 30. Then sell them at the Exotic Merchant. Only keep some speed up / gold items for quest.

7.Do as many map missions as you possibly can. Time them wisely. Short on time? Do short missions first, and just before you leave, start the longer missions.

8.The cost of the first guardian evolution is 300 Strange Dust. So save up 300 Strange Dust before your guardian hits level 10.

9.Best time to use your gold items is when the sum of all your heroes damage is higher than wave’s HP.

10.Do NOT use Prestige Tokens / Epic Prestige when you have a very high multiplier. It’s better to use them when it takes a full day to get a low multiplier then double that multiplier.