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Magic Quarter & Guardian

Magic Quarter & Guardian

Magic Quarter

At the Magic Quarter you'll find your guardians. You start out with 1 guardian, the Fairy. When you have evolved your Fairy once, you will unlock the 2nd guardian, the Dragon.

Guardian Info 

In the Guardian Info tab you can train your guardian every 8 hours. You can also enlighten the guardian at the cost of 20 dust without a cooldown. This is also the place where you can switch between the guardians. By clicking on the guardian you want, and click the "Set Active" button.

As guardians do not take damage, they have no health or armor. So the only main attribute displayed is Attack. There is also a guardian aura. This is a buff for your heroes or your game. The Fairy increases all attributes of all heroes. The dragon increases gold earnings. All auras are active at the same time.


The evolution tab is unlocked once you make your guardian level 10. Once your guardian is level 10 you need 300 Strange Dust to evolve your guardian. When you evolve your guardian, their attributes and aura goes up by a lot.


There are currently 2 guardians in the game which can be found in the Magic Quarter. All guardians have the same main and advanced attributes, but they attack differently and also have a different aura. Guardians have 5 star categories (bronze, silver, gold, platinum, ruby), 5 evolution stages (stars) per category and 10 levels per evolution stage.


Grace Evo1 Grace can attack 10 times per second. She will hit 1 enemy at a time. She provides the heroes with All-Attributes aura.


Vermilion Evo1 Vermilion can attack 1 time per second. It will hit all enemies per attack, where the main target receives 100% damage, and the surrounding enemies receive 50% damage. It provides you with gold earnings aura.



Every 8 hours, you can increase the experience of one your guardians for free by training. The training interval can be reduced by the Intense Training research down to 4 hours. The base gain of 100 experience per training can be increased with the level up achievement:

experience gain = 100 * (1 + achievement bonus) xp

The maximum achievement bonus is 60%, so the maximum experience gain per training is 160 xp.


Alternatively, you can increase the experience of one your guardians with strange dust by enlightenment. Each enlightenment costs 20 strange dust and gives 120 experience:

experience gain = 120 xp

Enlightenment has no cooldown and can be repeated until you run out of strange dust.