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Map Missions

Map Missions

This feature of the game is very important. Here you can collect a lot of resources which you need in the game. Strange Dust for your guardians. Scrolls, which can be used or sold at the exotic merchant. Chests for equipment, items and void crystals. Later additional missions are unlocked, giving you Epic Chests (level 70), Dragon Blood (level 120) and Legendary Chests (level 140). Every mission will reward you with some honor, and after level 65 you start earning emblems too. Honor raises your attributes, but more importantly it allows you to rank up. Giving you more squads and more missions to do. It is very important to do as many missions as you can possibly do.

Some hints: When you are short on time, try to do the shorter missions first, and just before you leave, start the longer missions. Also for Monster Missions (level 70) and Naval Missions (level 140), they take 7 hours on average. Don’t do them right when you see them. Do normal missions first, complete most or all of them, then you probably have a few hours left. That’s when you start a Monster Mission. While the mission is in progress, it will carry over to the next map.