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Meteorite Research

Here you can spend your meteorites on research. Unlike Firestone Research, they don’t take time to complete. Just get the right amount of meteorites and you can upgrade them. Also what makes meteorite research different is that every research bonus goes up linear. What this means is that the more levels you put in a research, the less benefit the next one gives you.

As of version 1.2, there are 4 trees in total. Each with different bonuses however they are pretty similar.

-In tree 1, go to Raining Gold or Firestone Effect and max them. They are equally good. After that, do what you like.

-In tree 2, go to Raining Gold first and max it. After that rush to Firestone Effect. After that, it’s up to you again.

-In tree 3, go to Prestigious or Raining Gold. Put 10 levels in there, and then switch to the other. Then continue maxing them both at 20.

Firestone Research

Here you can spend your fire tokens on research. It takes time to do the research, so once you have collected a lot of fire tokens, you probably want to buy the second research slot, as well as level up the ‘Librarian’ talent. Most researches here are multiplicative. So it doesn’t matter how many levels there are in a certain research, it remains good to level it up.

As of version 1.2, there are 3 trees in total.

-Tree 1, go to Raining Gold and max it. Then return to Attack Attribute and max it. Then max Fist Fight and Projectiles. After that it’s up to you. You could rush to the end, level up Skip Wave to make farming up after prestige less painful. Level up Mission Planning to reduce the time spent on missions, which is the most important feature of the game.

-Tree 2, go to Raining Gold and max it. You will probably level this up together with All Main Attributes. After those 2, you probably wanna go to Attribute Damage. Some might also suggest increasing Prestigious.

-Tree 3 is a nightmare. Just keep pushing to the end, everytime you come across these sections that only has 1 research, then use the 2nd research slot to level up Mana Heroes. But eventually you get to the end, max out Raining Gold and constantly switch between All Main Attributes and Attribute Damage until they are maxed as well. Then continue raising everything that benefits mana spellcaster heroes.