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Stages & Farming

Stages & Farming

Every stage that you go up will grant you 25% more gold while the enemies get at least 50% stronger. The last number goes up gradually and caps out at 200% at stage 200. After stage 200, enemies get 200% stronger, so you see their HP and damage triple every stage you go up.

Since enemies health increases by a lot while their worth only increases by a small amount, it’s better to farm at a stage where you quickly kill your enemies. Try finding a stage where most of your heroes kill enemies with one single blow. If you use a balanced build, you don’t need a full team that can kill all enemies with a single blow, because with 5 heroes, that attack every 2 seconds, it’s very likely that 2 heroes attack the same enemy. Resulting in wasted attacks. So having 3 capable heroes is more than enough, as it reduces the overall chance of 2 heroes attacking the same enemy. With a glass cannon build, try to aim for at least 4 heroes capable of killing enemies with a single blow. Since the heroes spend most of the time dead, the attack interval is like 10 seconds, which means it’s less likely 2 heroes will attack at the same time and so less likely wasted attacks occur.