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[Update] Firestone Version 4.1.7

Version 4.1.7

What's New:

* New Server event: Firestone is launching on the website Miniplay. com. For this reason, we are opening a new server "Hombor" and we are celebrating it! For this reason, we are hosting an event that ends on the 30th of October, at 10: 00 am UTC. More info in-game.

* Technical: We have upgraded the unity version we are using. Practically this means that the game will perform better. This will be easier to notice on low-end devices.

* Bug fixes: We have fixed some minor bugs and typos.

* Steam/Kartridge: Due to the deprecation of the default screen resolution selection by Unity we implemented a new system that you can access these settings on the Settings menu, Graphics submenu.

We want to thank everyone for reporting issues you encounter!

Play game: https://www.r2games.com/play/?game=497

support: www. holydaygames. com/support/

Facebook: Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Firestone-Idle-RPG-at-R2gamescom-109024974084107/