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[Update] Firestone Version 5.0.5

Version 5.0.5

What’s New:

New Hero: Randal has been added to the heroes, you can unlock him after Sely!

Daily Rewards: Revised the daily rewards and replaced void crystals with expedition tokens.

Quests: Recreated the daily and weekly quests from scratch. New quests with new types of rewards and a menu redesign.

Chest opening: Added the Void Crystals and the Ethereal Shards on the Chest Rewards summary after you open a chest.

UI: Recreated the menus of the game to be Animated Menus. (you can disable this on the settings menu if you prefer the old static style).


Changed several UI elements in the game.

Updated the Cheating policy and the Chat rules to reflect the nature of the game.

(Desktop only) If you keep space button pressed, the guardian will keep attacking.

Rebalanced Sely’s basic and advanced attributes.


Fixed the bug that when you were trying to send a message for first time to someone, you couldn’t see the message until you restarted the game.

Fixed the bug that was causing the game to crash if you were attempting to transmute jewel chests too fast.

Fixed the bug that all the numbers below 1000 would be visually rounded if they had decimals.

Fixed the bug with the progress bars not working as intented at the Firestone researches in the Library.

Fixed the bug that the guardian was attacking when you clicked space while writing in the chat.

Fixed the bug that the camera position on the campaign map were resetting after each battle.