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What to expect next! (by Holyday Studios)

Hello everybody!

I hope everyone is doing great! I wanted to thank everyone for the love and support you give to the game all this time. Your passion for Firestone and the World of Alandria gives us the courage and motivation to keep working on amazing things! It wasn't but less than 1.5 year ago that we first released the game on beta and the game was just a little skeleton compared to what it is now!

Since the first beta release we have added:

9 heroes

1 guardian

The Exotic Merchant

The Alchemist

The Tavern

The Seals of Power




The Arcane Crystal + The Awakening


Friend system - private messages

Plus a hundred of QoL features

For us all these are just the beginning. The journey of this game has just begun.

We would like to share with you our short - mid term plans.

Next Patch

The next patch will be for end game players who lack content for quite some time since we worked on many early game features. So it will include a new Hero called Iseris and her class will be Warlock (New Class!!!). Also there in an huge amount of players that reached rank 9 and have an insane amount of honor accumulated so we need to give them a few more ranks to claim! In the next patch we will add 18 more ranks to the game. We know that for the early game players it sounds as something that is really really far away, but the truth is, that if you show your love to the game for a long time, you reach everything, so in the long term if affects everyone.

Short - Mid term


This will be a mechanism that you will be able to form teams of up to 5 people. The players will affect each other in various ways.

World Boss

We have talked again about this mechanism on a previous post. It was postponed due to complications on the reward system since the guilds were a very simple mechanism when it was first announced. With the recent addition to the game we have overcame this problem so it's again on the plan.

2 more Guardians. These will be a Pegasus and a mechanical flying robot.

More heroes and content for the end-game players

Of course as you all know already, the game is very dynamic, we listen to your suggestions and your needs and we can add things in our plans!